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If you are an HR manager in a large organisation, you may also be the return-to-work coordinator or you may have responsibility for overseeing or working with that person.

The content of is based on the Guidelines for helping employees successfully return to work following depression, anxiety or a related mental health problem that were developed through a systematic Delphi consensus process.

The target audience for these guidelines is those in organisations who are involved in return to work. However, many of the site’s resources may be useful for health professionals supporting those returning to work after mental illness.

In June 2012, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and WorkSafe Victoria launched the National Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services. This framework outlines a set of guiding principles for the delivery of health services.

These principles are intended to support healthcare professionals in their treatment of compensable injuries through:

  • measurement and demonstration of the effectiveness of treatment
  • adoption of a biopsychosocial approach
  • empowering the injured person to manage their injury
  • implementing goals focused on optimising function, participation and return to work
  • basing treatment on best available research evidence

All healthcare professionals providing services to injured people as part of transport accident or workers compensation schemes are expected to adopt these principles within the standards and boundaries of their professional expertise. The framework is also useful in cases where the injuries are not compensable.

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