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Return to work Coordinators

Your organisation should have a coordinator who facilitates the employee's return to work. In smaller organisations, this is likely to be the owner or supervisor.

Larger organisations (the criteria vary between states) are required to have a return-to-work coordinator. This person could, for example, be a human resources professional. Where possible, the person coordinating return to work should be someone who is acceptable to the employee.

The coordinator needs to become familiar with the employee’s work environment and job content, be able to communicate and negotiate with staff at all levels, and be sensitive to the needs of the employee concerned, including those related to any disability issues.


In cases where the return-to-work coordinator is not the supervisor, they should also check that the supervisor of the employee has been informed about the return-to-work process, and agrees with it and its possible financial consequences.

Find out more information about the roles, responsibilities and resources available to return-to-work coordinators in your state or territory: ACTNSWNTQueensland, South Australia, TasmaniaVictoriaWA.

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