Case Studies

The great majority of people who experience depression or an anxiety disorder recover and have productive working lives.

Jeff* Local Government Employee, NSW

Jeff* was a shift worker in local government, working every weekend. In late 2009 he attempted suicide and took a leave of absence. During his absence, his
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Kylie* HR Officer

Kylie* is an HR officer working for a large retail chain. She was recruited 2 years ago from a similar organisation. While Kylie takes her work seriously,
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Jim* Lawyer QLD

Jim* is a lawyer in a large law firm. Not long after he was recruited he started to become unwell, suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks,
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Katrina* Secretary VIC

Katrina* is a secretary in a large company. She has worked for a senior manager for 10 years, having come with him from another company. They always
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