Gina*, aged 40, Queensland

"I returned to work after suffering from chronic depression by working in a part-time role of fifteen hours per week and building hours as I continued to feel better. I maintained healthy boundaries by respecting my limitations and refused offers to work more hours before I was ready to handle the work. I respected my rights to regular breaks and ate well during the course of the day. I respected my body and went to bed early, sleeping a full nine hours so I could work effectively the next day. I reserved the right to take the very odd sick day when I felt very stressed and looked after myself so I could return back to work. I maintained a regime of cbt therapy with my counsellor and sought regular alternative therapies to avoid further relapse. I kept up my self talk program, stayed present and recognized that I was only in control of fixing problems within my control. I reserve the right to say no and recognize my limitations in attempting to do too much in one day. I keep life simple and honour myself. "

*not her real name